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Monday, July 23, 2012

Coffee Stained Bread Boards : A Tutorial

Inspired by Diana at Our Vintage Home, yesterday I made several little pine bread boards.

Being pine, they are not ideal for heavy duty cutting/washing.  But they make adorable bread boards, cheese boards, etc.  Plus they look nice around the kitchen!!

Each is stained with extra extra strong coffee and sealed with Butcher Block oil, making them food safe.  Some are also letter punched with an iron stamp set.

I'd like to experiment with different stains next: varying strength coffee; tea; beet juice; tung oil; etc.

Click "READ MORE" Below for the Tutorial!

DIY Bread Board Tutorial


~1" thick Pine Board (I used an 18x36 board "stain ready" from Home Depot)
Food Safe Finishing Oil (I used Watco Butcher Block Oil)
Ridiculously Strong Brewed Coffee
Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Power Drill w/ 1/2" Spade Bit
Sandpaper (Power Sander)

Iron Letter Stamping Set & Hammer (optional) - you can find these a lot of places on the Internet.  I got mine from Northern Tool.

1. Pencil and Saw basic rectangular shapes

2. Pencil and Jig Saw handles; I preferred an asymmetrical look.

3.  Drill pilot holes in handles and follow up with 1/2" spade bit;  Sand sand sand sand sand

4.  (Optional) Punch words into the boards with hammer and iron stamp set.  I was running low on inspiration and chose "Eat &"  "Drink &" "Love &" for three of the boards.

5.  Stain with extra extra extra strong coffee (you should use an all natural, food safe stain, since you're putting food on this)

6.  Seal with Food Safe Finishing Oil and you're done!

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  1. great idea, they look really good.
    I was looking for a display board, I might have to copy your technique! The coffee stain adds the perfect touch!

    1. thank you! yeah staining with coffee is pretty fun :)

  2. I really like that you stained them with coffee. How cool!

  3. If I wasn't so afraid of big girl power tools like saws, I'd be making these pronto! I loved that you used a natural stain too.

    1. thanks! i just checked out your site and i can return the comment and say "If i wasn't so afraid of SEWING MACHINES..." haha (sewing machines are very intimidating to me!)

  4. I love bread boards and these are no exception! Great job!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  5. Doing it! Great tutorial, thanks!!

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